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The attorneys at the Law Office of Joy E Jorgensen are sympathetic to the anguish and suffering that accompanies divorces, and are devoted to ensuring that our clients are assisted in every way possible. We are able to offer our legal guidance and advice in all legal aspects from a contested divorce to an uncontested divorce – including high-net worth cases and military divorces. Even if children are involved, you will confident knowing that we will be there to help you deal with all issues custody, visitation and child support issues.

Child custody

Of all the areas in family law, child custody cases tend to be the touchiest. When parents divorce or separate and they have disputes about what is in their child’s best interest, the courts intervene. This can often turn an uncontested divorce into a contested divorce, and an attorney is invaluable in resolving these issues, As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is protected. Having a skilled New York child custody attorney can make a world of difference in the outcome of your case. At The Law Office of Joy E Jorgensen, we aim to help our clients fight for their child’s best interest.www.cloneppwatch.com

High-net worth cases

If you are expecting to have a high profile divorce, it is important to retain a Long Island divorce lawyer who will be conscious of your sensitive case and will work to make sure that this personal matter stays private and away from prying eyes. Hiring an attorney who has experience with celebrity and high profile divorce cases will, ultimately, determine how your case is approached and influence the outcome. Discretion is key in these situations and the professionals at The Law Office of Joy E. Jorgensen will always handle your divorce proceedings with care.

Orders of protection

An Order of Protection is a court order which is issued in order to help prevent abuse, harassment, violence or stalking from continuing to occur. The victim in this case would seek an Order of Protection as a way of preventing the accused (a current or former spouse, partner or family member) from further acts of violence, threats or abuse. If you are seeking to obtain an Order of Protection, an attorney will be invaluable in helping you. It can be confusing and complex to try to obtain an Order of Protection, and an attorney can help you by requesting the Order and representing you at a hearing to prove its necessity for your protection.

Modification of Orders

Sometimes as years pass and needs change, you and your ex-spouse may need legal assistance to terms of your divorce. A modification may include changes to child support, visitation, custody, spousal support or alimony agreements. It is crucial that you procure knowledgeable and skilled legal assistance with these matters, and you can have a consultation and receive the help you need by contacting TheThe law Office of Joy E. Jergensen. www.tswatches.me

Prenuptial & postnuptial agreements

Are you planning to get married and want to protect your assets? You might want to consider entering into a NY- Long Island Prenuptial Agreement with your fiance/fiancee. A Prenuptial Agreement, also called an Antenuptial Agreement or Premarital Agreement, is a contract between a prospective bride and groom prior to their marriage. Such agreement is effective only upon the parties’ marriage. Entering into a Prenuptial Agreement is the best way of minimizing problems which may arise after marriage and upon a divorce.

Property division

Equitable distribution is a process for dispersing property acquired by or owned by either spouse upon the termination of marriage. Distribution replaces “common law” principles of property ownership. Prior to equitable distribution, New York was a “common law” state. This meant that property acquired by either spouse during the marriage was distributed according to the owner named on the property title.

Same-sex marriage and divorce

Currently, the state of New York allows for same-sex couples to entire into a valid marriage – making it the sixth state in the country to allow for gay marriage to be legalized. This does not only mean that same-sex couples can get married – it also means that they can get a divorce. The dissolution of a same-sex marriage is often the same legally as it is for a heterosexual divorce; the steps are the same and legally, it is viewed exactly the same as a heterosexual marriage. This, however, does not mean that they are equivalent emotionally speaking. In fact, gay and lesbian divorces are completely different emotionally. At The Law Office of Joy E Jorgensen our legal team understands the nuances that are associated with situations of this nature and possess the sophisticated and sensitive perspective that is needed to help clients through the process as supportively and successfully as possible.

Child Support

With their collective experience in successfully representing our clients, the attorneys at the Law Office of Joy E. Jorgensen have the legal know-how and dedication to handle all types of divorce and family law issues. We care deeply about our clients and seek to fully represent their rights and best interests. Contact a Long Island, New York or Connecticut child support attorney today for assistance with your child support matter.

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The Law Office of Joy E Jorgensen is a Long Island, New York and Connecticut law firm that handles all types of divorce and family law issues, including contested divorce, complicated matrimonial and custody cases, prenuptial and separation agreements, uncontested divorce, spousal support, visitation, domestic violence, criminal defense, wills, civil litigation and landlord & tenant matters. Our highly skilled legal team has over 30 years of collective experience serving clients throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County as well as Connecticut.